Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gardening In The Rain.....

I used to think that in order to do yard work or gardening it had to be sunny out, boy was I wrong!  So today I shucked all my sadness for the long lost sun and put on my gardening hat!

I am a Gardening Fashionista!!
I have had so much fun this morning gardening in the rain, way better than singing in the rain!

Calla Lilies

Love the Calla Lilies!  But the pot needs a little something else.....
Any Suggestions??        

Since I was on such a roll I decided to plant the Jack-O-Laterns and some small Sunflowers in my wooden wheel barrow planter that is by the shed!
Wheel Barrow planter!!
Not sure about you guys but I like instant gratification - so planting seeds and waiting for them to grow is tough for me.  So hopefully the seeds will sprout soon!

Lastly I pulled up most of one of my flower beds today.  I had a bout 5 or 6 lavender plants that looked horrible. Now they are gone, but they put up quite a fight! Looking forward to a trip to Molbaks to give my flower beds a makeover!

How 'bout you... do you garden in the rain?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Flashback!

Things have been really busy around the Tin Palace, it is hard to find the time to post on a regular basis right now.  Last weekend was pretty jam packed.  Here is a flashback to last weekend:


Friday night was spent with my Mom enjoying a preview of all the fun treasures at last weekends 2nd Saturdayz.  Yes, I said preview because.. I WON 2nd Saturdayz fabulous giveaway.  There was so many fun and interesting things, I could have spent a ton.  In the end here are the treasures that walked out the door with Mom and I:

The little green shelf though not old will go perfect in my room. Insulators for my
"bottle tree" I am going to make, and Mom's Owl
Cigar box.  I kind of want to steal it.

The side of the cigar box.  Love the Owls!

I spent Saturday Morning cheering on the Maltby Pirates, then it was time to get down to business around the Tin Palace:

Windows on the shed are clean and dressed.
Looks so cute!

Some planters to decorate the small shed, and don't forget the birdcage!
 So Saturday afternoon was spent decorating the little shed,  I also planted Butternut Squash, Zucchini, and Beans!  I AM A FARMER!  I can't wait for them to start sprouting out of the dirt.  I am looking forward to fresh home grown produce!  All the is left on the shed is painting the rest of the building - more pictures to come as I finish.


A Supercalifragilisticepialidocious evening at the Paramount Theater.  The sets were amazing and the cast was fabulous! I don't get the opportunity to go to shows often- but after seeing Mary Poppins, I want to go to every show that comes to town!  I have Broadway Fever! It was practically perfect in every way!

All this activity left me pretty exhausted come Sunday.  It was a great juxtaposition of productivity and fun. 

Hope this weekend finds you all enjoying some SUNSHINE!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mater Mouth

Matt enjoying a lollipop in the Orchard.   
Matt 's after school treat today was this fun lollipop from my friend Michele. We laughed so hard at what he looked like with the Mater teeth hanging out of his mouth. 

Sunny day in the Orchard.
Hope you are all enjoying the fabulous sunshine we are having right now!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Window Box Love.

Thank you Mother Nature for a couple of days without rain!!  I was able to get some painting done around the Tin Palace. Also got some flowers to make a home out of my window boxes.  The window boxes are a beautiful touch to the shed.  Check it out!

It has been a long couple of days painting!  Time for some relaxation!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tin Palace Get's A New Look,

One of my spring projects this year is to paint the Tin Palace, the little shed and the garage.  A few years ago I painted the Tin Palace, but never finished the garage or the shed.  This year I plan on getting them all done!!

The Tin Palace painted Green and Purple.

 So now I have started with a new color palate.  This time I started with the little shed.

     Small shed before painting.

Shed with Window trim done and window boxes put on!
Still need to put one more coat of paint on the door
abd paint the rest of the building.
The window boxes my Dad made me!  Love them!  They just need some flowers now.
I am hoping the weather improves greatly soon so that I can get this project finished and maybe some others!
Stay tuned for more pictures as I get the painting done!  Can't wait to get it done!  It will be fabulous!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

You've given me two things
One is roots
The other's wings
- Anonymous

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo From The Tin Palace!

Hope none of you celebrated too much and made a dancing fool of yourself, or this could have been you!

I saw this video and I seriously had to watch it about 5 times in a row!  I could not stop laughing!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

S'More Fun!


 We like our Peeps S'More Style, cause that's how we roll!  How do you like your leftover Easter Peeps?

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