Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gardening In The Rain.....

I used to think that in order to do yard work or gardening it had to be sunny out, boy was I wrong!  So today I shucked all my sadness for the long lost sun and put on my gardening hat!

I am a Gardening Fashionista!!
I have had so much fun this morning gardening in the rain, way better than singing in the rain!

Calla Lilies

Love the Calla Lilies!  But the pot needs a little something else.....
Any Suggestions??        

Since I was on such a roll I decided to plant the Jack-O-Laterns and some small Sunflowers in my wooden wheel barrow planter that is by the shed!
Wheel Barrow planter!!
Not sure about you guys but I like instant gratification - so planting seeds and waiting for them to grow is tough for me.  So hopefully the seeds will sprout soon!

Lastly I pulled up most of one of my flower beds today.  I had a bout 5 or 6 lavender plants that looked horrible. Now they are gone, but they put up quite a fight! Looking forward to a trip to Molbaks to give my flower beds a makeover!

How 'bout you... do you garden in the rain?


  1. I can't wait to see them all full and blooming!

  2. I am quite jealous of your calla lilies. They are beautiful. And your shed is so cute!


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