Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spooky Circa the 1980's

SPOOOOKY!! The Watcher In The Woods!! When I was a kid this movie CREEPED my out! It creeped me out so much that I rented it numerous times. I think at one point my Mom finally had to tell me I couldn't rent it anymore, not sure if that is true, but in my memory it is... Mom do you remember?

This time of year when it is rainy and cold Matt and I have a lot of movie nights. It is especially fun during October cause we watch a lot of creepy, weird movies. Most of the time it is something from the Goosebumps arena, Matt loves anything book or movie that R.L. Stine does.

Tonight when I was at Target I found The Watcher In The Woods in the kids Halloween movies. I couldn't leave it there! It had to be part of our Halloween movie catalog. So tonight's movie selection.... you guessed it! The Watcher In The Woods.

Matt gives this movie 4 STARS!

"This movie is creepy! It's an awesome movie, you have to see it. The weird old lady scared me the most!" - Matt's movie review.

Even as an adult I still enjoyed this movie. I couldn't believe I still remembered it, but I guess if you watch it so many times that you've worn out the copy at the local family video store then you never forget!

Happy Spooking!

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  1. Oh,I remember alright......that and the Freddy Kruger movies you made me watch.......


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