Saturday, November 6, 2010

Welcome to The Tin Palace!

Lincoln had Monticello, Anne had Green Gables and Me.....  I have the Tin Palace.

What is the Tin Palace?  It is the 1965 Leisure Home that I am proud to call home. I moved here about 4 years ago and so far it has been an inspiring ride. 

My whole life I have felt an urge to be creative in one medium or another, from writing, painting, baking and drawing.  Though I loved all of those things I was never able to find my niche, or more accurately.... never comfortable enough in my own skin to allow myself to explore my creative side.  Moving into the Tin Palace has been the perfect outlet for years of stunting my creative growth, and I am ready to share that with you.

Intrigued?  Then check in once in a while and see what crafty project I am working on, what treasure I have found while out junking, what delicious treat I am baking or simply what new thing I am obsessed with.

Welcome to The Tin Palace!!

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