Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Give this Holiday Season!

Things have been busy around the Tin Palace!  Putting the tree and Christmas decorations up, baking cookies for the teachers at the elementary school, and lets not forget the shopping!!!  So last night was a much needed night out! 

I forgot how amazing Seattle Center can be during the Holidays!  The lights throughout the center, the giant Christmas tree, and of course the Space Needle.  No, this journey was not to see the Nutcracker!!  I was fortunate enough, thanks to a good friend, to be able to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds play to a sold out crowd at McCaw Hall, with all proceeds going to charity though http://www.justgive.org/ .  Each attendee of the show was able to go online and designate which charity they wanted $150.00 to go to.  AMAZING! So not only did I make a charitable contribution last night, I also got to sit down for 3+ hours and listen to incredible music.  I am a big Dave Matthews fan and I make the drive out to the Gorge every year to see him, but last nights performance..... takes the WIN! 
Since I was an idiot and forgot my camera, here is a youtube clip posted by a fellow fan: and it is one of FAVE DAVE songs "Crush"

I could go on and on about how amazing the show was.  It also made me think about the things that we can do to give back to the community around us.  There are many charitable possibilities out there, from Food Banks, to clothing drives etc. So next time you are out this holiday season - make a donation to your local food bank, or drop some clothes off at the local shelter.  Help make someones holiday season a little brighter!  Just Give! 

Happy Giving!

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