Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look Out Molbaks.... I May Be Moving In!!!!

Never in my life have I been to Molbak's Garden and Home.... until today.  Now... I can't wait for payday so I can go back.
Five minutes in and plants are making their way into the cart.
As I walked around smelling, admiring plants, and taking in all the inspiration that Molbak's has to offer, I could not believe I had never been there before!  I could practically live there amongst the sweet scents.  Do you think they would notice me sleeping on some of the outdoor furniture?? There was even an outdoor firepit, that could keep me warm.......

Here are some of the sights from my first trip Molbak's:

Pansies and on sale too!
Hyacinth- smelled so good - it ended up in my cart
 (I will be going back for more!)   
Camellia- Reminds me of my Grandpa!
Buddha looks peaceful

Molbak's makes me happy!  Can't wait to start gardening!!


  1. Don't you wish that 'Yard Crashers' would show up while you are at a place like Molbaks and not only cover all the costs of redoing your yard but provide all the muscle as well? It is one of my fantasies.

  2. That is a fantastic fantasy!! That would be awesome that really happened! I have a lot I want do in my yard/garden! :)


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