Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!!

Spring is here, the sun is shining..... the Queen is smiling!!  Today I finally got my beautiful plants in pots.  Yes, I am just getting the Molbak's plants in pots, I would have taken pictures but they were feeling camera shy! Instead I thought I would take pictures of the recent guests of the Tin Palace!

The Ducks of Tin Palace
These ducks and a few others have been frequent visitors of the Tin Palace over the last several years.  It is always with great joy that Matt and I welcome them.  We love to watch them swim in the pond - and when they have their babies they are so precious!!!  Matt has named these two ducks, SuperDuck and Lois Lane Duck. (He named them when he was 4).

SuperDuck comes out to say Hi!
What a great Spring Day!

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  1. It is amazing the fire storm of thoughts and memories a photo can spark.


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