Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My House Has Wheels

So this morning I got an email from my Oregon Auntie with a link to a YouTube video because the song reminded her of my Tin Palace! 

I think this is a great theme song for the Tin Palace! What do you think???

Thanks Auntie Mare! 


  1. I think the Tin Palace has found a great theme song. And I'm a bit slow, I just noticed the theme to 'what I'm burying myself in'.

  2. Don't yah just love these guys? I want to be able to wear a bright turquoise wig, and throw greasy fried chicken into an adoring audience.

  3. I do love these guys! You can't help to move your feet whenever you listen to them!! I think I should get a turquoise wig! Then I would match my kitchen! :)


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