Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be My Valentine

This year my Mom, Aunt Marilyn, and Cousins Megan and Whitney decided that we were going to do a Valentine's exchange with a homemade heart.  It was such a fun thing to do- but the best part was opening the amazing gifts that these wonderful ladies created.

Here they are:
My Valentine's

A Heart made out of Antique Barbed wire and game pieces.
My Valentine From Whitney

The inside of the alter made by Mom. The outside of the Alter is a cigar box.
A little interactive art project that we can expand on and add our personal touch to.

A small sack of honey spiced filberts from Marilyn. (YUMMY).
Also sent from Marilyn was a valentine of pictures of us over the years with a
beautiful poem. (not pictured).

Steampunk Heart by Megan.

Thank you ladies!  I love my Valentine's!! 


  1. this was so much fun, thanks for the cupcake towel,so cute!!!

  2. Thanks for posting the individual pics. Nice job. And I am still waiting for a dozen real cupcakes to arrive in the mail.....soon!


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