Monday, February 7, 2011

The Tin Palace Goes Steampunk.

Whether in fashion or interior design I love the Steampunk look.  Here is a look at a few of the Steampunk items around the Tin Palace.

An old Singer Sewing machine that is in my living room.
 Not long after I got this antique Singer sewing machine, an article in the Seattle Times about the British Store Allsaints Spitafield new store opening in Seattle.  In the article it describes the display window as having over 500 Antique Singer sewing machines hanging in the window.  WOW!!  I loved the look of the display window - but I also loved the clothes!!  Hopefully soon I will head to the Seattle location and check it out!!

A few years ago my Dad took Matt's old Ikea bed (used to be like a bunk bed) and cut it down and rebuilt him a new bed out of the pieces.  Then for Christmas my Dad made Matt a new headboard.  It is so amazing. Matt calls it his time machine bed.  Take a look..............

Fun old gauges make up the headboard for Matt's bed.

A closer view

Matt LOVES it!

It's so interesting how you can take something old and reinvent it for a modern use!  I also found this Steampunk Blog  it has some really cool pictures!  Check it out!!

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