Monday, February 21, 2011

On The Good Ship Lollicake!

Hmmm boxed cake mix what to do with it.......
Today I found myself wanting to bake..... as I looked through my cupboards and through some recipes I discovered I had a boxed cake mix that needed to be turned into something!  After I while I remembered seeing Cake Pops on the Bakerella website.  What a fun idea to use up this cake mix.  Of course hers are BEAUTIFUL and she gets really creative with them.

Baked bites, dipped, and waiting to be packaged!
This was an interesting thing to try!  As you may know I love to bake, and cupcakes are my #1 favorite treat to bake!  This was a fun messier twist! I will definitely try and make these again, maybe add some sprinkles?? 

Packaged and ready for delivery! 
Today I felt like a baker and a candy maker! WHAT A TREAT!


  1. Those look really good!! Lucky Matt!!!!!!!!

  2. These were a big hit! I did some in chocolate and some in white chocolate. :)


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