Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day At The Tin Palace

The trees in the Orchard styled in their Winter "wardrobe"
It is cold at the Tin Palace this week.  Today the high is reported to be about 33 degrees. BRRRR!   I am taking the time to enjoy the beautiful gifts the snow has given us.

The Trees in the Orchard are always beautiful in the Spring when they are covered in apple blossoms.  Then I see them in the Winter and it takes my breath away. Snow makes everything beautiful!

The Tin Palace License Plate......
Even the license plate gets some icicle accessories!  How many of you have these on your house?? ( I even have backup lights).

Though not frozen enough to ice skate on, the snow and ice have made the pond look so calm and peaceful.  Matt and I love to look at the pond when it snows.  Matt dreams that someday he will get to ice skate on this pond like his Mimi and his Great Aunties when they were little.  Sadly it has not frozen solid in many many years.

Now time to enjoy the rest of this Snow Day!


  1. I love the license plate. You make me laugh. Back up lights. Way too funny.

  2. Just going on the ice until Ol'Papa comes and checks that it's ok,right Aunties?


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