Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Netflix.... I Think I Am In Love!

Netflix Logo
So about two weeks ago I discovered the awesomeness that is Netflix. With no Blockbuster close to home I was never a big movie renter, so on a whim I signed up for Netflix, currently offering a free month trial.  I know that Netflix has been around for about 10 years or more - I will admit I am a little behind the times.

Renting movies always seemed like a chore - drive to the video store, wander the store and try and find something in stock to rent that you will actually like.  With Netflix - I get to rent from the comfort of my home!!  The movies just get sent to me in those beautiful red envelopes.

Thank you Netflix for making me love movies again!  I am no longer a social pharaoh because I haven't seen the current "it" movie.  I also get the joy of renting my old favorites and catching up on TV shows I haven't seen yet. And don't get me started on Instant watch.  I am in Movie heaven at the Tin Palace!!

Well this may sound like a commercial for Netflix - but I figured since watching movies has kept me from blogging the last couple days - I would blog about it.

Well now time to go and watch something fun on the Instant Watch.  (No I do not need a Netflix Intervention!!)

Have you Netflixed today??  :)
(okay that was a bit much!)



  1. Thanks for the review, we've been thinking about using Netflix cause we hate the selection of what we get on Dish.

  2. Seriously!! Love Netflix... it's 9.99 a month... I say go join!!


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