Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love Books!

A portion of my personal library.

Books are my drug of choice.  Whenever I walk into a bookstore, my pulse quickens and the adrenaline starts flowing!  I just can't say no to a good book.  I am often reading 3 or more at a time!

My books have come from all over, Barnes and Noble,, Third Place Books, but my favorite stomping ground for books ..... DUVALL BOOKS.  A little used book store in Duvall Washington,   I never walk out of there empty handed.  It is a book lovers paradise.

Last night my friend Sam and I were able to take advantage of the extended hours that they keep on Saturday evenings.   Sam found a First Edition of the Time Traveler's Wife by  Audrey Niffenegger- one of her favorite books - in great condition for an incredible price.  I walked out with a few great finds myself.
Some of my recent finds at Duvall Books
Can't wait to dive into these books!!  So if you are ever in the Duvall area - make a point to stop by and have a look around - hopefully you will find some great books too!


  1. Duvall Books.....without me???
    I love that place!!

  2. Maybe we will have to venture there soon! :)


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